applications were received for the program 64

applications were received for the program

projects were discussed in the final discussion meeting 34

projects were discussed in the final discussion meeting

research projects were selected for funding 16

research projects were selected for funding

(1 Clinical, 4 Elites, 11 Youngs)
reviewers contributed over 120 documentary reviews 13

reviewers contributed over 120 documentary reviews

before icon 64 qualified applications were received from 11
countries for the 2022 IOF Research Grants Program after icon

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IOF Research Grants Awards for 2022
Clinical Research Grants
Hong He
The Impact of Tonsillectomy on the Efficacy and Stability of Alt-RAMEC/PFM Protocols in Children with Tonsillar Hypertrophy and Anterior Crossbite - A Cluster Randomized Controlled trial
Wuhan University
Elite Research Grants
Hu Long
Development of an artificial intelligence system for automatic evaluation of clear aligner case diffculty based on CAT-CAT
Sichuan University
Yu Li
Local gene transfection to augment alveolar bone in orthodontic maxillary expansion
Sichuan University
Fang Hua
Increasing the Value of Orthodontic Clinical Research via Wider and Better Use of Dental Patient Reported Outcome Measures (INVOLVE-dPROM)
Wuhan University
Manuel Nienkemper
Soft tissue thickness profile at the palate to improve insertion locations for orthodontic mini-implants
University of Dusseldorf
Tingxi Wu
Novel smart orthodontic brackets to prevent white-spot lesion during treatment
Forsyth Institute
Young Research Grants
Maria Chiara Domini
Analysis of gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic movement through nuclear magnetic resonance-based metabolomics
University of Turin
Yingzhi Gu
Clinical research on application of digital positioning guide for fenestration and orthodontic traction of impacted teeth
Capital Medical University
Delong Jiao
The study on mechanism of GOG stimulated miR - 126 high-expressed BMSCs exosome in accelerating orthodontic tooth movement
Capital Medical University
Chenshuang Li
Exploring the Neurological Function of a Craniosynostosis-Related Molecule Nell-1
University of Pennsylvania
Wen Liao
Automatic analysis of multimodal oral images based on deep learning
Sichuan University
Lusai Xiang
Development and evaluation of an end to end prognosis prediction system for clear aligner therapy
Sun Yat-sen University
Fei Yu
Effects of probiotics biofilm on orthodontic tooth movements via immunoregulation and anti-infection
Sichuan University
Jianru Yi
Developing a novel orthodontic cement with subsurface remineralization ability to combat white spot lesions
Sichuan University
Yi Zhao
Effect of orthodontic tension on cementoblast mineralization by regulating autophagy
Peking University
Zuodong Zhao
Periodontal Ligament Biology in Orthodontic Tooth Movement - An RNA Sequencing study
KU Leuven