Young Research Grant

The Young Research Grant is designed to encourage developments of the teaching, patient care and research activities for graduate students, residents, attending physicians (lecturer), assistant professors or other professionals with similar qualifications in Orthodontics and related fields.
For the year 2023-2024, IOF will offer multiple Young Research Grants of a maximum funding of 15,000$ USD for one (1) year per project.

Elite Research Grant

The Elite Research Grant is offered to assistant professors, associate professors and other professionals holding orthodontic qualifications. This is an academic grant promoting outstanding research, originality of the hypothesis and clinical relevance.
For the year 2023-2024, IOF will offer multiple Elite Research Grants for maximum funding of 30,000$ USD for one (1) year per project. The maximum amount includes all indirect costs related to the project.

Clinical Research Grant

The IOF Clinical Research Grant is offered to dentists holding an orthodontic certificate from an accredited program and orthodontic research scientists. The Clinical Research Grant promotes excellence of clinical based research.
For the year 2023-2024, the Clinical Research Grant is limited to a maximum funding of 100,000$ USD for two (2) years per project.
Terms & Conditions for the Application of the IOF Research Grants
A. General Provisions
1. The International Orthodontics Foundation Research Grants (the "IOF Research Grant") are offered by the International Orthodontics Foundation Limited (the "IOF") in order to assist scholars and researchers in academic researches related to orthodontics and endorse the innovation of orthodontics and related industries all over the world.
2. To ensure impartiality and credibility and to ensure the well-functioning of the IOF Research Grant, IOF has implemented these terms and conditions for the application of IOF Research Grant (the "Terms & Conditions").
B. Application and Award of IOF Research Grant
1.The 2023-2024 IOF Research Grants timeline is:
(1) Start of the application: June 16th, 2023
(2) Deadline for applications: October 31st, 2023
(3) Announcement of the Awards: Spring, 2024
2. IOF Research Grant is consisted of three sub-types:
(1) Young Research Grant with a maximum funding of USD 15,000 per project and the research period shall be one (1) year; Recipients can renewal their project for a second year for an additional maximum funding of USD 15,000 if necessary.
(2) Elite Research Grant with a maximum grant of USD 30,000 per project and the Research Period shall be one (1) year. Recipients must provide a Progress Report after the first half year to receive continued funding for the second half year. Recipients can renewal their project for a second year for an additional maximum funding of USD 30,000 if necessary.
(3) Clinical Research Grant with a maximum grant of USD 100,000 per project and the Research Period shall be two (2) years. Recipients must provide a Progress Report after the first year to receive continued funding for the second year. Recipients can renewal their project for a third year for an additional maximum funding of USD 30,000 if necessary.
3. Applicant for IOF Research Grant should meet the following criteria:
(1) Applicants for Young Research Grant shall be postgraduate students, resident physicians, attending physicians, assistant professors or other professionals with similar qualifications in orthodontics and related industries;
(2) Applicants for Elite Research Grant shall be associate professors and professors of orthodontics and related industries or other professionals with similar qualifications;
(3) Applicants for Clinical Research Grant shall be clinical research teams of orthodontics and related industries who plan to regularly publish papers in peer-reviewed academic journals.
4. Application for IOF Research Grant shall be submitted on IOF's official website.
5. IOF Research Grant applications are processed in two phases:
(1) Phase One: Applicants shall submit in accordance with the application guidelines in the official website of IOF, and the Medical Operation Group will conduct a preliminary review of application materials within fifteen [15] working days upon receipt.
(2) Phase Two: For projects that meet the application conditions of IOF Research Grant, the Medical Operation Group will notify the applicant by email confirmation. For projects that do not qualify, notification will be sent by email as well and the applicant has until the deadline to submit an updated version of the project.
6. Applicants have the right to accept or decline the awarded grant within [ten (10) working days upon receipt of the IOF Research Grant Notice. Failure to respond to the IOF Research Grant Notice shall be regarded as the applicant's irrevocably renounced the IOF Research Grant. 
7. By accepting the IOF Research Grant, the grant recipient (the "Grantee") agrees to comply with these Terms & Conditions and shall enter into a research grant agreement with IOF.
8. Reapplication of a previous unfunded project is permitted. The applicant must make appropriate and major changes to the application.
C. Terms on Budget and Budget Justifications 
1. The grant shall be used strictly and solely for the execution and completion of the research project for which the grant is provided (the "Project") and in accordance with other terms and conditions of the grant.
2. In case the Grantee desires to propose any material adjustment of the Project scope and activities and/or any increase of the Project budget, the Grantee shall apply for and obtain IOF's prior written consent.  For all inquiries on adjustment of Project scope or budget please send email to
3. If the IOF Research Grant will be used to support only a portion of the Project, the applicant shall clearly identify the specific portion of the assignment and the other remaining funds received and shall provide a list of all other agencies or funds which provide funding to the Project, the relevant funding amount, and the nature of the support.
4. IOF Research Grants do not cover and support:
(1) Transportation fees except for attendance to professional meetings or participation in relevant project development workshops, to a maximum of ten percent (10%) of the total amount of the grant (Transportation costs exceeding coach class fares are not covered);
(2) Purchasing of general electronic devices for the Project (e.g., computers, phones, etc.).  For specific purchases, indicate in the budget section of the grant application;
(3) Supplementary faculty or organisation salaries, stipends and/or tuition fees;
(4) Entertainment and personal charges, organisation dues, production of illustration and other irrelevant costs; and
(5) In case of leftover funds, the Grantee must notify the Scientific Committee by email at The use of the leftover funds shall be determined by the discretion of IOF.  
D. Grants Payment 
1. Except in unusual instances, determined by the discretion of IOF, payments will be made only to accredited institutions (e.g. university, hospital, institute or other legal entity).
2. If the IOF Research Grant is awarded to a person, it shall be paid out to the university, hospital, institute, or other legal entity at which the Grantee is employed (the "Host"). The Host shall be responsible, jointly with the Grantee, for proper administration of the IOF Research Grant. The Host shall make staff, equipment, facilities, and other resources available for the benefit of the Grantee and the relevant research project in accordance with the descriptions in the grant application.
E. Duration and Continuity of the Project
1. The Grantee should begin work on the Project as soon as practical. If the Grantee cannot begin the Project within six (6) months starting from the transfer of the grant fund ("Project Commencement Date"), the grant shall be cancelled. Any grant disbursed by IOF for this Project must be immediately returned.
2. In order to continue to enhance the quality of future applications, a summary critique will be provided for both funded and unfunded applications. 
F. Progress and Final Report
1. A progress report (the "Progress Report") is required for the resubmission of projects for continued funding. The Progress Report is due at the same time as new applications for the next year.  
2. No later than six (6) months after finalisation of the Project, the Grantee shall provide IOF with a scientific report covering the entire Research Period and outlining the main results obtained and conclusions to be drawn (the "Final Report"). An exception to this deadline may be granted in the case that the Grantee has received a written extension by the Scientific Committee.  Extensions must be requested in writing, three (3) months in advance of the deadline, and are subject to IOF's approval via email at .
3. Unless an extension has been granted, if the Grantee fails to submit a Final Report six (6) months after the stated deadline, the Grantee and it's Host (as the case maybe) may not be eligible to apply for any additional awards provided by the IOF for a period of one (1) year.
4. IOF may request the Grantee to provide a final report on the use of all grant funds. This final report on grant funds shall be presented in a structure and at a level of detail so as to make them easily comparable to the Project budget most recently approved by IOF, and include an overview of the use of any co-funding of the Project (if any). 
G. Intellectual Property Rights 
1. The Grantee shall use their best efforts to pursue publication of the Project results in recognized international scientific journals. In case of any such scientific publications, the Grantee shall ensure proper recognition of IOF by stating the relevant publications that the relevant Project is funded by IOF.
2. The Grantee is aware that IOF will, on a regular basis, disclose to the public an overview of any and all grants awarded over a given period of time, and they accept and agree to the fact that their names will appear as part of such overview which will also include a description of the Project and its status.
3. By accepting the Award, the IOF receives permission from the Grantee to distribute the Progress Report and/or Final Report.
4. Plagiarism, falsification or fabrication of any document related to the Project shall deem the Grantee excluded for any IOF funding indefinitely.
H. Compliance and applicable law 
1. The Grantee shall ensure that the Project is managed and carried out in accordance with any applicable national and international legislation and research standards, including without limitation:
(1) Generally recognized standards for good research practice.
(2) National and international rules on protection of safety and rights of patients and healthy volunteers.
(3) National and international rules on animal welfare.
(4) National and international rules on protection of personal data.
(5) National rules and Host guidelines on work environment
2. The Grantee shall be responsible for obtaining any and all approvals and consents from public authorities and third parties which are necessary for carrying out the Project. In case any such approvals and consents cannot be obtained within the time frame stated by the Grantee in the grant application, IOF shall not be obligated to pay out any part of the grant and may, furthermore, demand the return of any funds already paid by IOF.
I. Miscellaneous 
1. The IOF Research Fund is not intended to create any third-party beneficiary rights as to the institution.  
2. The Grantee shall notify IOF of any change in the Grantee 's employment or affiliation status with their Host, and IOF may, in its sole discretion, terminate the grant as a result of such change in status. 
3. Any grant amount payable by IOF is inclusive of all applicable taxes. The Host and/or the Grantee (as the case may be) shall be solely responsible for any taxes and charges that may become due as a result of payment and receipt of the Grant and the required tax filings with the competent tax authority, and shall indemnify and hold IOF harmless from any and all liabilities arising from the Host and/or the Grantee (as the case may be)'s failure to do so.
I have read and agree to the privacy policy, terms & conditions of service and quidelines of
the lnternationalOrthodontics Foundation Research Grants Program